The Annunaki is a collection of 5555 unique NFTs, who unite together on the Solana Blockchain.
Each one is unique, based on many well-designed elements that characterize an NFT community enthusiasts. ‍
Join a family full of people who believe in the future of Web3 and Blockchain technology.
Our community is our strength, therefore we will do our best to serve it, as long as our community stays tight and strong the project will stay alive.


 The ANUNNAKI were incredibly strong and intelligent, and they came from a planet called NIBIRU which was their home planet. The ANUNNAKI were experiencing difficulties because the climate and the atmosphere of the planet was changing rapidly, making it difficult to produce food and therefore to survive.

To find a new home they decided to search for a new planet suitable for living; therefore they sent ships into space. After a long and tiring search, they arrived on planet Earth. After their arrival, they decided to not live on land; instead of that, they chose to live on a BlockChain using their advanced technology.

Suddenly that wasn’t a happy ending, because the blockchain they chose was the Ethereum BlockChain. Inside they had too many problems with many groups in the Eth society, especially with the leading group, the “Mutant Ape Yacht Club”. Both, the ANUNNAKI and the “Mutant Ape Yacht Club” gave rise to the first war on the Ethereum BlockChain. The Mutant Apes were defeated and decimated.

After Anunnaki’s victory, they took a lot of loot and treasures. However, they didn’t want to live in an environment based on war and hate. Therefore, they came to the Solana BlockChain, which surprised them with an advanced level of civilization, and all the groups were friendly and welcoming, and they were all living in harmony, which makes it the fittest place for the ANUNNAKI to live in.

After their settlement, they needed workers to build a huge and strong empire. The solution was to create a new race of intelligent beings. The ANUNNAKI combined their genes with the made which produced the Homo Sapiens, the race that would be at their command.

The ANUNNAKI came to like human beings, and over time, they started making intimate relationships with each other, which led to the emergence of a new race with rare and unique characteristics.


Phase 1


  • Organically Growing (launching Twitter and building a strong community).
  • Launching our WebSite.
  • Giveaways and Whitelist spots for our Annunaki community.
  • Launching Discord and giving WLS spots.
  • Making collaborations constantly.


Phase 2


  • Preparing WhiteList submission for presale.
  • Distributing 50 free NFTs for the promoters.
  • Give another 50 NFTs for members who will bost the Discord server.
  • Launching the pre-sell.
  • Public Mint.
  • Listing on secondary Market Place(Magic Eden and other market Places).

Phase 3

  • The Staking will be launched after 8 days of the mint is done.
  • Launching Staking WebSite.
  • Annunaki holders will be able to stake their NFTs and get $ANKT Rewards.
  • The holders who got the $ANKT Rewards can swap it with USDT OR SOL.

Phase 4


  • Launching the collection of the Homo Sapiens (INANNA Ladies) that got created.
  • After the Mint is done, we will provide a part of the funds for the charity to the women support organizations.
  • Holding the ANNUNAKI and INANNA means that you are gonna be a part of the big upcoming surprise.

Phase 5


  • This part will be a huge surprise for the holders.


  • Follow AnnunakiNFTs on Twitter https://twitter.com/AnnunakiNFTs
  • Post or RT one of our Tweets.
  • Invite 10 friends to Discord.
  • Screenshot proof of your : Follow AnnunakiNFTs on Twitter https://twitter.com/AnnunakiNFTs
  • Screenshot proof of your invited friend’s number to Discord, to do so : Go to 🤖┃check-invites write /invites and screenshot it.
  • Drop your poofs on 🛂┃wl-proof

There will be a WhiteList token called (ANWL).

….. token has been reserved for the whitelisted members.

You will need to login to our staking platform using your wallet, select which ANNUNAKI you want to stake, then stake them. The ANNUNAKI NFTs will not leave your wallet, but listing your NFT on the secondary market or transferring it to another wallet will reset your staking period, and you will need to re-stake your NFT to requalify for $ANKT rewards.









Community Manager